Walterrrrr 90042 Last Call

by Pasadena Adjacent

Highland Park 1905 (visit 90042 for details)

I’ve noticed a certain malaise among long time bloggers. As El Chavo puts it, “it ain’t easy coming up with nonsense (on my part) for other people to read on a regular schedule.” So true for all of us. At times you think you won’t be able to come up with one more amusing “nonsense” post, then some idea germinates and off you go to “trudge the road of happy (blogger) destiny.” But sometimes those ideas need to take a different form. And that brings me to Walterrr.

Blogger extraordinaire Walterrr, after 4 1/2 years, has folded the proverbial towel on his and our neighborhood favorite “90042 .” No one defended or covered Highland Park turf better than Walterrr. It was refreshing. Why? because for years I’ve seen this neighborhood met with derision; dismissed really. But not on Walterrrs watch. He’s been covering the Good (Great) Bad and Ugly with intelligence and affection. He put forth a humorous series on the front yards of 90042. Another on the “Trolley” that took us there. The rich architectural history of our hood. He’s even provided a place for kids to express their grief when a friend has died (no matter what the circumstances).

Despite what Rudy Martinez would have you believe, much change has occurred in Highland Park while Walterrr’s been at the helm. And we like it (so vote for tree friendly Jose Huizar). Part of that change is a thriving arts community. Turns out Walterrr’s an artist. I figured as much with the amount of blog space devoted to artists and the burgeoning gallery scene. He’s got an itch and a room full of empty canvases in a city that inspires. I suspect I’ll meet Walterrr one day. I wish him well.

BTW: Interesting article on Patch as to the status of the South West Museum. Actually, skip the article and go straight to the comments. It’s where the real scoop takes place