Visual Integrity: Reassigned

by Pasadena Adjacent

Dear Kenny Bywater,

Thank you so very much for suggesting that the original artwork “Ceasar” could use a “reincarnation.”  Furthermore, that your vast skill with a paint trowel, qualified YOU to make that happen. Thank you City of Los Angeles for NOT informing us of the true intent of your Lacy Street Shelter expansion efforts as regards our mural. This even though you had our names and address. Thank you Kent Twitchel’s attorney, whom we went to in order to seek out some sort of justice. Although knowingly regongnizing the illegalitys of this act, you made it clear that the only fight you were willing to put your dog in, was one that filled your pockets. Due to your efforts, Kent Twitchel whom we admire, got a 1/4 of a million settlement for the City destruction of the Ed Ruche mural. Lets talk; our “Ceasar” could be repainted for a fraction of that amount. $40,000.00 sound good? We’re agreeable that way. You have our names. We still have a pulse. Make friends with Uncle Google. Call us.

Before: (feel free to enlarge) Done in the “Los Angeles Fine Art Squad” style using illusion and reflection. Ceasar, completed in 1988, is a trompe l’oeil image of a beat up “yesteryear” styled billboard. Complete with cast shadows, illusion of the bird being built outside of the billboard frame, rippling metal panels, nail holes and rust stains. The background depicted behind the billboard, is the connector ramp between Interstate 5 and the Pasadena Parkway.

After: (dare to enlarge) In this 2006 reincarnation, the electrical outdoor spotlights have been removed. All trompe l’oeil illusion eliminated. A moody black pall dominates the composition. Subtlety in the guise of creating volume, has been lost. The cat appears to be a victim of electrical shock. Yup, karma has dictated that this masterpiece return as a “dog”.

So lets go look at the dogs. With Pat Morrison; she was there too

I think this little fellow would be perfect for the Chieftess. Half golden retriever and half chow. “Lady” owner release

I like dogs with pointy ears and faces. She’s a year old cattle dog sort. Owner release. Bellis?