Trash Tuesday #74: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

It’s my belief that after one suffer’s a loss they are entitled to a year of “Magical Thinking.”  This isn’t an original thought on my part. I took the idea from Joan Didion. In truth, I never finished her book; I got bored. But if I’m wrong, I stand before you today to claim credit.

Magical Thinking can take on other forms. See, once again, I’ve come up with an idea for a city art project that I’m near clueless as how to pull off. Necessity can be the mother of invention or the death of the well intended, yes? I’m leaning towards Xanax and cupcakes after “research” reveals that I’ve hitched my wagon to a dead craft. Dead I tell you! Yes, leather tooling!!! dead dead dead.

Mexican or Charro saddle  from Jalisco 20th century

And I’ve got yards of it planned for the framing element on five panels. This is where the realm of the spirit world appears to save my ass. The benevolent spirit of Big Fred, who was not always so benevolent when he walked amongst us, but it’s my magical thinking and I make the dead what I want them to be; there will be saddles. O.K. focus. While clearing some crap out of my parents garage, I discovered my father’s well hidden stash. Not the nudie mags one would expect, but a box of dad’s childhood collection of leather crafting tools. Stamps, samples, scraps, patterns and books long out of print. If Ramona had discovered it, it would have been trashed. But she didn’t. I did, 12 years after Big Fred departed, and it’s magical.

a romp atop the studio