“People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?”

by Pasadena Adjacent

Sure can do! over the Rodney King blue-plate special at the Daryle F. Gates Lounge and Dining Center. Located above Dodger Stadium, nestled in the beautiful hills of Elysian Park

try to get there before the lunch crowd shows up

Shoot the breeze with friends

FYI: Acute attention to facial hair necessary for the infiltration of gay sub culture

FYI: a subculture that thrives in the beautiful hills of Elysian Park

Hang out with America’s questionably “finest” muralist.

FYI: said “muralist” appears to be shielding his identity knowing he is the subject of an FBI file; labeled a “Beatnik Type”

How about that topiary? (below the mural)