Tag/Thrift Tuesday #76: Where Cheap Remains the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Talbott Electrical Inc. Neon Sign in non-working condition (since 1924?)


Our latest triumph, achieved under the direction of the home despot, Mr V. While “driving with Mary” I came upon the discovery that we were sitting on an untapped gold mine. Glass bubble lamps! All over the finer chotsky shops of New Mexico (Mary loves her shops) these lamps appear to be a high-end staple. Remembering that Mr V had picked up a couple of them “cheap” at garage sales, (for the purpose of sticking cameras inside; a concept that turned out to be a conceptual dead-end) I decided to retrieve our lamps from rust and early retirement. Since I’ve been channeling Lucille Ball as of late, voices have been repeating “swag! make them swag”. And of course, this turned out to be a “do it yourself” electrical nightmare. Blood and tears were shed. Made even worse by the added discovery that Berg’s hardware has taken a holiday break. Then along came Talbott’s. The voice of experience (since 1924). A dying breed. Six Talbott run’s later (not to mention several runs returning all the wrong stuff to the big box stores) and we’ve got swag.