Madeline’s Cupboard

by Pasadena Adjacent

enlarge any of the above to appreciate the crafstmanship

I had the misfortune of taking a post impressionist art history course from one of those academic dead heads, ‘slouching towards’ retirement. The professor’s only utterance I’ve committed to memory is “visiting the Norton Simon is like visiting old friends.”  This is my old friend. It’s by the artist Emile Bernard. He was a founder of the of the Pont Aven School. A school named for a remote village in the French province of Brittany. Progressive artists, including Van Gogh and Gauguin,  gathered here during the 1880s and 1890s, in search of authenticity in a changing industrialized world. Originally the cupboard was created for Emiles’ sister Madeline. It eventually became the bedroom decor of the late actress and wife of Norton Simon, Jennifer Jones. To find it, you need to navigate your way through a main corridor chock full of all those crowd pleasing dancers. It sits in the closet off to the left.

The floral border at the top of the cupboard is nothing less then exquisite