Tag/Thrift Tuesday #77: Where Cheap Remains the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

I like globes. I don’t collect them in the same way as Brenda in Arizona does, but still, I like them. I even had the chance to paint one that was used in one of those 1492 Columbus quincentenary year movies*.  And we all know how well that celebration went over; clueless Pasadena placed one of Chris’ descendents as Rose Parade  Grand Marshal.

Anyhow, I’ve been dragging the above globe around since at least 1992. It’s a globe that has a history. “Discovered” back when flea markets were more like the alternative to holding a garage sale. At such a market, held in the parking lot of East LA College, I met a fellow from (insert favorite South American country here) who was selling the globe. It’s made of aluminum and divided into two parts, (missing the North Pole) and hinged together with small screws. It once belonged to a grade school Mr (insert favorite South American country here) had attended mid-century. He’d been dragging it around too. And I picked it up cheap. Over the years and due to my perilous existence, I’ve watched it take on a few dents. Worst has been the effects of the sun, as it turned the paint further into powder. I did something the Keno twins would have me killed for. I repainted it (but I left the dents). In a few years, when the paint begins the process of deterioration, and the bloom is off the rose, it will be beautiful.

* (lots of mythical sea monsters; good money/cool job)