Pasadena Adjacent Pledge Drive

by Pasadena Adjacent

Ironing Money

Pasadena Adjacent’s annual report  indicates a decline in viewer visits. It appears that people don’t appreciate “wonders in concrete” the way they once did. This sag in enthusiasm has sent our Sales and Marketing division scrambling.

In search of fresh ideas, we recently sent our interns to a “social networking” event. Sales and Marketing decided since everyone “thinks outside the box” we ought to return to it. Our projected outcome is to expand our audience among the tip earning class. Shareholders will be pleased.

Defacing US Currency

It’s also good business to have a back-up  plan. According  to the social networking pros, creating “buzz” is out. Based on the theory bad publicity is better then no publicity, it’s now all about “Flame Wars.” Appealing to google search engines through select tagging, reassures the shareholders that your capable of bringing the anti-social behavior of anonymous voices to your frontier. It’s not about content people, it’s about the numbers.

….and lighting the match

Circumcision: Yes – God won’t like you if you don’t
Circumcision: No – why? the French don’t.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Yes – poor people are too fat
Gastric Bypass Surgery: No – it’s cheating

Breast Feeding in Public: Yes – it’s natural
Breast Feeding in Public: No – boobs are for sex

and the gold standard of flame wars

Pit Bulls: Yes – loyal to the core
Pit Bulls: No – they ate grandpa

Team Pasadena Adjacent: Increasing blog traffic one click at a time