Tag Sale Tuesday #84: Getting it Cheap Remains Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

Copper Enamel: I didn’t record the title or artist’s name – sorry

This is a vintage Trinket Studio Kiln. Mr V picked it up at a Highland Park garage sale a few years back. He paid two dollars. You can find them on E-Bay for more. The tiny kiln originally came with a cloth cord and promised a top temperature of 1500 degrees. Somewhere along the line, a previous owner switched out cords; perhaps after burning down the house. I have only used it once to heat up a bagel. I keep it stored within my three thousand dollar kiln – which I have not used; even to heat a bagel.

I love and loathe fire. My mother was a Southern Baptist. Although she never bothered to read us bedtime stories, she was quick with tales of hellfire and damnation. Part of her arsenal of disciplinary tools. That and a fly swatter. Oh, and she once clocked me with box of Captain Crunch. She blamed me for getting pregnant with my younger brother. < read that sentence carefully. A yarn best told after a few drinks.  That Ramona, she’s a corker.

So about this kiln. After seeing the above copper enamel piece in the “Sam Maloof and Art in the Pomona Valley, 1945–1985”  exhibition at the Huntington Gardens I am inspired to take up a new hobby. I have copper sheeting leftover from a previous project. The above piece is broken up into several small interlocking pieces (one way to build up size). I don’t have powdered glass but I know where to purchase itIf my kiln can still hit 15oo degrees, this could work.