Trash(ed) Tuesday #85: Assessing the Damage that Crapped on the Esthetics

by Pasadena Adjacent

I’m a true “Palm Axis.” Every Santa Ana windstorm, palm fronds come to me backlit by the light of exploding transformers. Flying projectiles of harm.

This time around they couldn’t be ignored. On the night of shattered nerves, I was out dodging fronds, in a panic to find cover for my curbside finds. At Pasadena Adjacent, object based esthetics rate higher than personal well-being.  And I was 99% successful protecting the wall of terracotta heads, ceramic parrots and capadoccias. My three faced baby was not so lucky.

After the dust had cleared (via dustpan, hose and rake) I discovered another three faced replacement. My long ago 99.9 cent store purchase. Completely unexpected; Laughing Buddha – Dumb luck