Ordered Back to the 99 Percent

by Pasadena Adjacent

When Pasadena Adjacent’s Editor visited the city of Berlin, before Reagan admonished Gorbachev to tear down that wall; there were actually two walls. In between was a buffer zone that hosted guard towers, tragic memories and  a lot of rabbits.

If you go far enough south during low tide, you’ll discover  the buffer zone between Mexico and California. And this is it; a short pier. On the American side are acres of unmolested wet lands. No doubt undeveloped, so we can keep an eye out through our 16 foot high “Friendship” gate. A location where once a week, for a period of four hours, 25 lucky Americanos are allowed to enter the buffer zone and visit Mexicans. Remember Yassar Arafat insisting on Kissing Points for Palestinians? similar principle – longer wait.

The Mexican side is one big party;  a stadium, push cart vendors, beach front hotels, hillside condominiums, a lighthouse and lots of noise.

It looked kind of exciting upon approach. Oz like. Then we discovered something that caught us off guard – NO guards  – so we kept walking. Into Mexico. And Mr V took a hike. And I took his picture.

Now (pause) we TRY not to be the subject of an “International Incident” a description accorded us from an eye witness. But sometimes palm fronds blow downhill. Oz turned out to be on our side. And he looks like Big Brother. And he acts like Big Brother.

And he sent out the troops. And those troops demanded we return to the United States of America. And we were forced to make the treacherous river crossing back to the San Diego Museum of Modern Art.

Mr V says the crowd from the Mexican side was jeering the border patrol. I suspect they were cheering them on.

MVI_0118, originally uploaded by Access Palm 2009.

Senior Smily Face took advantage of our predicament and headed El Norte on a rental pony.

And it wasn’t snowing

True story