Trash Tuesday #87: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

two “EMPTY” metal bullet containers 

Border Field State Park

The television set was paid for. We at Pasadena Adjacent keep it in the company break room. It sits on a rather short children’s school desk (Trash Tuesday #20). We needed something that would increase the height of our make-shift TV stand. The two “EMPTY” bullet containers were selected for that purpose. It’s finding (via a dumpster dive) is the lucky result of our recent visit to San Diego’s Border Field State Park. We passed on the tires.

On a (kind of) related note: The editor recently visited Banjo 52. The discussion was based on Richard Wilbur’s poem titled ” A Hole in the Floor: for Rene Magritte” A poem about the underside of one’s domicile  

“The buried strangeness Which nourishes the known”

Pasadena Adjacent left a relatable  anecdote about Japan in the comments segment.

In Japan there is a strange kind of love/fear regarding cats. The love produces “Hello Kitty.” The fear relates to the fact that cats go under one’s home. That “buried strangeness” for the Japanese, has to do with the interface between the spirits of the dead (clinging to the underside of a home) coming into contact with living creatures that pursue those spaces (cats) Then join you afterwards. (Preferably your lap) meow

At Pasadena Adjacent, we love our cats. We let them enter and exit at will. They intimately know the crawl space under our abode. We also love the surrealist artist Rene Magritte

Still following? – go back to the bullet container photo and enlarge it. Look carefully at the TV’s reflection. It shows a man in an overcoat, with a beard, wearing a bowler.


The Editor would like to think Rene Magritte’s spirit (or maybe Walt Whitman) is living under her kitchen floor.