Trickery of the Trade

by Pasadena Adjacent

Before this editor went to graduate school, she accomplished two things. She signed a lease on a downtown studio and entered the real world totally unprepared. Humiliation was a frequent guest, as the editor tried pathetically to hold court against a backdrop of French Theorist -Cal Arts/UCLA/Art Center/Claremont- graduates, and “Baldesari is God” worshippers. They could recite Foucault like Ramona can recite bible verses (which she doesn’t do well – but often).

The editor knew how to draw and paint naked people from old guys who had learned it on the GI bill. Which taught this editor how to please said “old guys” AND be a lazy painter. She had mastered the art of how to respond with stick and mud. Now she needed to catch up with the big kids. So she headed to the nearest Freeway off-ramp university and got herself an advanced degree. The editor learned to recite feminist doctrine, Witgenstein, the french guys, etc. And they taught her how to sell herself. The Editor attended openings, volunteered and sent out packages. One Canadian gallery never said a word about the Editors art; but complemented her on the professionalism of her artist’ statement. She never did get her slides back.

btw: Don’t skip the video, you’ll miss the point. It’s brilliant. Baldessari would approve