Tag Sale Tuesday #88: Where Getting it Cheap Remains the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

There’s something endearing about those tentative first steps taken by a budding artist. There’s also the knowledge that one day mom is going to tire of housing those early efforts. Usually sometime after the completed MFA and the birth of the “budders” first child; which for 40 something artists, tends to be aimed at the last egg in the carton. By this point everyone’s disappointed with “what could of been” and “never happened.” A sensitive time.

Take advantage of it.

“Beatles and Benzedrine” Second prize – alternative media category; laundry lint, pubes and dead grammy’s bag of tresses.

“Smoke on the Water” Air guitar assignment. Al Pine’s woodworking class. Westridge School for Girls.

“Dead guys – Guys who Should be Dead – Guys who Look Like They’re Dead”  Cafeteria mural La Canada High School

Note the yellow 25 cent sticker on the pine guitar; collection of the editor. She took advantage of a sensitive time.