Pasadena Adjacent “Princess” Replacement Search Committee

by Pasadena Adjacent

Missing my girl ^ that’s her ^ and tailing leads for her replacement

Cat show five ^ ^ ^ – Del Mar Faire Grounds  

Cat show six? – February Glendale 2/25/12

Previous shows: Pasadena – Arcadia – Palm Springs – Santa Barbara

Two “at home” kitten visits, animal shelter drop ins, on-line siamese rescue site, Face Book cat sites and placement on a waiting list. Again, I did not find my true love

but I came close

I want a princess – not a prince. This seal point prince is “pet” material. He is between types. The traditional round head and the modern wedge head. I call it “classic triangle” Some hidden forbearers gene showed up in him. The other two are modern flame points and his litter mates. Lovely contrast between his seal points and mink body color. Straight eyes/hydranga blue. Affectionate, attentive and loud. He’s swoon lovely.

Day 298 without a princess

The Editor (waits) with Jennifer Jones

2/25/12 Glendale Civic Auditorium.1401 N Verdugo rd