Incipient Foreboding

by Pasadena Adjacent

“building an altar of unabashed sentimentality. Location: end of Tipton Way near Tipton Terrace off Figueroa St. 90042 in Highland Park – One block from Mikes studio. At the end of Tipton Way there is an abandoned driveway next to an empty lot.”  hrs 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

Enlarge: Art School Will –  1.) Romantic / 2.) Political 

Mike’s Pay for Your Pleasure” was (past tense) my favorite work of art by a living artist. King of the pathetic – connoisseur of the low brow – receptacle for adolescent despair. Mike was a product of an Irish working class catholic upbringing via Detroit. And the only artist in memory to have his graduate exhibition reviewed in Art Forum. Mike was a success. Early.

The last person to interview Mike was herself recently interviewed about that experience. It’s haunting. We made the pilgrimage to Mike’sI“kelly green” home in South Pasadena (with it’s hired security) and his unguarded shrine in Highland Park. The “editor” pinned a re-gifted (via Princess HaHa Pomodena) rubber daisy, to the striped afghan. At it’s center is a button that says “appreciation society member.” Like Marat, Mike was found in his bathtub. Depression is murder.