Zargaristan: Born to the Purple

by Pasadena Adjacent

In a “one on one” exclusive, Pasadena Adjacent introduces His Serene Highness; the under~beloved Prince Michael Zargarov from the Sovereign Principality of Zargaristan (by way of Houston and Sherman Oaks)

“The Lion of Zargaris Greets you from Exile. Someday when the Akhundha are hanging from trees…I shall return to the Beloved Homeland and reclaim my Birthright!”

HSH Prince Zargarov; Exiled since 1997


Notes from the Editor….

Now retired, HSH was employed as Beyonce’s parents Houston Chauffeur. He dyes his beard violet and called my shoes ugly.

Interview location; Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice California 03/03/12

Crown Painting: Pasadena Adjacent

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