Local Independent Filmmaking Talent

by Pasadena Adjacent

Dr. John Laurence Smith’s Garvanza Residence 


We old-timers in the blogsphere, those who find themselves passed over by Patch and other forms of paid civil servitude, are in the luxurious position to dwell in the house of the arcane. And when we find other fellow travelers, we’re quick to lend a hand. Allow Pasadena Adjacent to introduce you to maverick filmmaker John Sandel. He’s the husband of fellow blogger Petrea of the respected Pasadena Daily Photo. Please check  out his video. Sounds intriguing doesnt it? we in the “adjacents” think  the recently rescued 1887 (crack) house and former residence of Garvanz’s Dr. John Smith, would make an excellent location for John’s film Strong Love. Just a thought.

John hopes I know rich people who might be willing to shore up those last needed dollars on Kickstarter; me too! Not just for Mr Sandel, but for the group of independents he’s associated with. Check out the Ruby Booby trailer, part of the collective. It’s about a girl in search of her father Jose Feliciano. 54 seconds in, you might recognize the Garvanza tile mural on the hillside stairway off of San Pascual Ave; also Lincoln Heights and Debs Park.

Don’t dilly dally. Time is of the essence. Please toss a dollar (or more) into the on-line hat. You don’t risk anything unless they get the full funding on Kickstarter. It’s super easy if you have an Amazon account. And we don’t want to see John upset. He’s so distinguished looking. Three days left. Your chance to be a film backer on films you want to see happen.

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