Snake Eyes Baby, it’s all Gravy

by Pasadena Adjacent

First rattle snake sighting of the season 5/17/2012

Past the “boom and bust” oil town of Mentryville (California Registered Landmark #516). Started by  Mr “There Will be Blood” Charles Alexander Mentry whose second son would go on to ride Man O War to his first victory on the (pre Santa Anita) east coast. And BEFORE the longest running commercially viable oil well in the world; CSO-4 (1876-1990) owned by Standard Oil and registered as California Landmark #517. All part of the larger Pico Canyon which is part of the Santa Susana mountain range, named after former California Governor Pio Pico (whose Great GGG granddaughter was “this editors” next door neighbor in San Diego; Annette Bennett was on the other side) and after loosing the war to the Yanks, had his workers drag tar out of the canyon for his hacienda in the San Fernando Valley. Up a smaller break away canyon (between the two historical landmarks) and named after two girls; Minnie and Lotta, that once hiked the trail that supposedly leads to a waterfall, which is now in the process of being restored – thanks to the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy who got Standard Oil to donate the land.

Anyhow, the snake was at trails end.