A Night of Art at the Mount Wilson Observatory; Concluded

by Pasadena Adjacent

Installment Three from the art exhibition “KNOWLEDGES.”


A final tour of the night viewing program that took place June 23 2012 at the Mount Wilson Observatory.

Inside the Hooker’s 100 inch telescope is a snippet from Kerry Tribe’s The Last Soviet.  A cold war reminiscence between a former Soviet cosmonaut living here and one who remains there.

He – I left Mission Control in 1995. I came to the US in 1997. Today I live in Burbank California and I sell cosmonaut memeorabilia over the internet. I sell space junk; badges patches, helmets, photographs.

She – It takes just 92 minutes to complete one pass around the earth. You can see with your eyes how small the earth really is. And the atmosphere around it is so thin, it’s frightening.”

The second excerpt takes place inside the 256-seat auditorium (and Museum). Miwa Matreyek’s Lumerence; a nod to Georges Méliès seems appropriate here.

Next to the 60 inch telescope is Marilyn Lowey’s now familiar, large scale glow ball Cosmic Latte.

Across the way and projected on the side of a shed is April Toten and Donnie Strouds’s Anticipating Atlantis.

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