The First Harvest: Tomatoes in Garvanza

by Pasadena Adjacent

We at Pasadena Adjacent, live on a street that was named after an early Garvanza contractor, Emanual Lewis. A native Californian born of Portuguese parents. Lewis purchased the hillside from Prudent Beaudry in 1886. Ironically, today’s “said street” falls between the cracks of both the Garvanza AND Highland Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone; ( a case of politics, hidden developer agendas etc). By all historical accounts, we ARE the northern end of Garvanza. And although the editor doesn’t grow chic peas, for which her community is “loosely” named, she does grow tomatoes.

And this is the editor’s first harvest of the season. Mostly heirlooms – Mr Stripey, Yugoslavian Cmkovic, Yellow Pear, Great White, Krim and the ever dependable Big Boy (which is more like a medium boy). The dislocated heads are left-behinds from former Pomona College students. Guess they ditched the arts AND their questionable likenesses, for more lucrative pursuits. A fellow Garvanzian art professor, who resides in a rambling craftsman atop the Arroyo Seco bluff, kindly alerted the editor to their planned dismissal. See Trash Tuesday #62

And those of us who have remained within the arts, often share blog associations, geographic adjacents and meet ups at brie cheese events. Yesterday the editor had the pleasure of attending the book signing and public reading of  local CSLA professor Margaret Finnegan’s epic novel  The Goddess Lounge at SPACE Arts Center 

Here’s a snippet of what looks to be a fine summer read.

“Ok. So I’m on my way to The Goddess Lounge, the coffee house/knitting salon/menstrual palace that Fox News calls, ‘A man-hating elevator to hell, another example of debauched LA, a sinful hideaway for modern-day polytheists and the Hollywood types who forever confuse spiritual wholeness with liberal narcissism.’Yeah. It’s not a good morning.”

.The entire first chapter here