And the Raven, Never Flitting, Still is Sitting, Still is Sitting

by Pasadena Adjacent


“I need 7 mo. more to complete my probation for marijuana and a concealed weapons felony charge for a hammer and a knife I used for my P/T job I had in mission… my girlfriend stayed here with me but went and left me for dope. I was staying in a christian living house but everyone was on drugs and tried to hurt me. I’m from the midwest and may someday become a sheriff.” 


Last Saturday, Pasadena Adjacent’s Editor toured architect Julia Morgan’s 1921 Pasadena YWCA. Pasadena’s “attractive nuisance” Lenore, held hostage for 16 years by an evil investor, was recently freed from bondage via the laws of eminent domain. Although our Lady of Atrophy, hasn’t yet passed the point of no return, she has gathered a patina of  peeling paint and codified walls. Fragments; some ominous, others haunting in their clarity.

Family stories often come packaged in fragments; edited to hide deep hurts or latent memories. Including a post-tour delivery by this Editor’s mother Ramona.

When Ramona was 18, she left the Ozarks on a train headed for Pasadena. Plan in place, to share a bedroom with her young cousin Billy (gay) at Aunt Fern’s Spanish Bungalow over on El Nido Ave. Ramona found employment as a secretary at the Pasadena Star News. But it wouldn’t be long until Fern, fearing the effect of Ramona’s beauty on her husband, packed her bags and placed them on the curb. This the editor knew – what the editor didn’t know is that Ramona, in the interim between Fern and a room of her own, took refuge at Morgan’s YWCA.



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