No on the 710 Extension – N.I.M.B.Y. or my Neighbors

by Pasadena Adjacent

Editors Update: 8/13/2012 Pasadena City Council votes unanimously to oppose the routes H-2, H-6 and F-5.

Thank you Pasadena City Council

You can also keep up on the reliable San Rafael website or the newly created web page

Within a week, the editor lost a 30 year battle with a renegade molar, was rear ended in San Diego and discovered her neighborhood has made the alternative list (twice) for the 710 Extension

(1) the H-2 [the Avenue 64/Colorado six lane highway]; (2) the F-5 [the San Rafael area 10 lane freeway]; and (3) the H-6 [the six lane highway that would run adjacent to Pasadena Avenue in the South Orange Grove neighborhood]

Metro Board of Directors and Staff

“As a citizen of Garvanza/Highland Park, I’m not only against the inclusion of my neighborhood in the nefarious 710 extension, but ALL 710 extensions. I believe, after listening to todays radio broadcast, the interview in the Pasadena Weekly, the Ramona Community gathering last Monday, and the questionable way this has been fast tracked….we can only conclude that our community has been recruited into a game of ill will “Corpo Speak.” A cleverly played hand in order to turn one community against the other, one race against another, rich against poor; and what ever else you can throw against the wall to divide and conquer us. My hope, through action, is to see a united front for all those communities you have placed in your cross hairs. No on the 710 Extension”

NO on Measure J

Who to Write in order to Voice your Objection

The Editor


Note to Pasadena: On behalf of the owls, coyotes, bobcats, snakes, birds, frogs and other life forms that call Hahamongna their home – NO soccer field(s) – leave the land alone. Please consider signing the Save Hahamongna petition while your here

The Editor

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