Trash Tuesday #91; Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

Take a seat, “the editor’s” seat. If you recall, Trash Tuesday #90 introduced the Not so available (library/school room/lawyer) oak chair. The above is the lawyer version, and it was NOT so cheap. But it was available. And it was in the possession of a fellow, who like so many of the people I know, has lost his livelihood to the digital camera. His photo studio near La Brea on Venice blvd has now become a partcial storage unit for his “getting it cheap and selling it for more to feed his family” esthetic. We hit it off and had conversations about “The business” the miracle of Photoshop applications, the unrealistic demands at half the pay, the disappearance of processing labs etc… For example, instead of spending 4-6 hours to light a interior shot at one location, then the shoot itself, your given four locations in a day and expected to drive all over hell and back to do them all (not to mention the permissions that might be involved.) Sad. But he has done some beautiful work and it’s in print. The Last Remaining Seats; Movie Palaces of Tinseltown (yes, we discussed the Rialto – in the book). Sacred Spaces; Historic Houses of Worship in the City of Angels (the Mormons wouldn’t allow him into their temple and later regretted it). He’s currently finishing up a book on the Cemeteries of the City of Angels (Altadena is in it). Plus he’s going to let me know when he gets another chair in like this one. Said he used to get them by the bulk (he must be connected). This one is weathered and will require some work. It came from a Junior College in the San Fernando Valley circa 1957.