Another Tease

by Pasadena Adjacent

Although we had prayed for cool weather to lay the tile, we got rain storms instead. To late, the gun was hired. Michael, we’ve worked with him before – he lives in the mountains and used to have a cabin in that place I showed you (Altadena Hiker). More horrors from the Forest Service as to what happened to those folks (another tease). We have the right side up now and it’s been grouted. The left side is cemented in and we are now preparing to leave and finish it up. We had planned on spending the night last night, but despite setting up the house for our absence, my brilliant partner didn’t inform the neighbor as to what day and didn’t have her number on hand. I’m pretty convinced  Twyla would start eating her tail if she went beyond 38 hours without food. I have post project pneumonia – a day early. We (Mr V and I) hate each other right now (but that will change too). TGIF?