Trash Tuesday #93: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


The construction of the Twyla Towers is nearly complete. A few carpeted ledges await installation. In the meantime, we at Pasadena Adjacent are putting in the finishing touches. Color and turf. Which leads the editor to Trash Tuesday #93; a metal double door cabinet used to store chain saws, poisons and other assorted tools of the gardening trade. One of two cabinets Chef King Walter left behind during that “ahem” wee troubled episode he overcame. And what kind of friend would the editor be without taking advantage of the Chef’s misfortune? Using leftover paint mixed with artist oil paints, the cabinet is now the recipient of a Matissian bio-morphic fern forest overhaul. Next? what to paint the walls…

Green. Bold green. Parrot Green. #0780; something to play off the redwood slat fence. And this is where cruising the neighborhood for inspiration comes into play. The building above is a construction company near the corner of Colorado Blvd and Figuroa in Eagle Rock. Besides, it’s time to re-paint the rancho. Something like this might work; but with a China red garage door (this is where Pasadena Adjacent would appreciate you opening the link). Since the Twyla Towers are at the south end of the house, color fastness isn’t an issue. Some chocolate paint for the eves and window seal, 20 bucks for some sod (Twyla loves to gnaw on grass). Maybe a line of left over tile from the Lake Los Angeles project to grace the top layer of cinder block. The girls got it good.

More to come