Concrete Wonders at 65mph

by Pasadena Adjacent


Henderson Nevada Interstate 15

George Bernard Shaw said, “There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.”   This editor’s “hearts desire” is twofold. One is to do a freeway barrier wall and the other is to design a commercial areoplane tail wing. I’ve covered a Santa Fe Springs 200 ft concrete wall with repeated form liners. Add to my credit, six blocks of imprinted sidewalk on Pico blvd; near the los Angeles Staples Center. Both of which I’m not terribly fond of. I want a recall – don’t get me started on why. The tail wing? I’ve got an idea, but not an “in” to the areoplane industry (I asked Tash) but should a competition ever arise…..

Anyhow, I like concrete; most of the time. In fact, when on a job site “concrete guy” is always my favorite tradesmen to work with. I don’t always like committees; the down side of one’s desire. Plus you can’t re-do concrete; another downside. But, as my travels through the south west make clear, this kind of highway decoration is becoming more prevalent; Phoenix leading the way. And at 65mph, I’ve been able to catch some of this art form on film.

Or, risking life and limb, one can pull over. Such is the case with the above imprinted “wonder in concrete.” A complex desert scene produced during Vegas’ last round of overdevelopment. A concrete canvas of Bighorn Sheep, Gila lizards, desert tortoises, snakes, fauna and wild Mustang. Take note of the repeated form of powder coated rolling hills welded onto the handrail of the over pass (second photo). And for those who find details interesting, another of the rattle. Made more 3-d by inverting the form, therefor taking advantage of shadow play.