Trash Tuesday #95: Where getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


The provenance of this object de art, an assemblance  of various parts, is lost to time, but not to it’s time period. The “mod” fabric was dropped off from my Professor friend; the one with access to various Junior College art department closets. It smacks of a 1970’s “Simplicity – Easy Sew” tunic set.

The metal chair strikes me as vintage 70’s as well. It came to me by way of a “Sanford and Son” styled junk dealer. That rare bird perched between antique dealer and a church rummage sale.  The perfect aesthetic – cheap. He had a business on the south side of Colorado, kitty corner to present day Osh.  I liked him and he liked me. The window of opportunity for his business was brief, and one I took advantage of. The Oak card table with “spade” cut outs, hidden under 25 layers of paint, an antique clock that never ran, etc. The metal bones of this chair were sitting off to the side in a pile of god knows what. I pointed it out, and Sanford said “take it, no charge” And I did; gladly. The dowels were lifted off of some worn gardening tools; cut to size, sanded and lacquered. Since that time, I’ve added my own 25 layers of paint. The latest being “Real Orange” by Rustoleum; it was purple. It’s now part of the decor of Twyla Tower’s library. I plan to add Trash Tuesday #96 as a reading table.

Five years