by Pasadena Adjacent


Polydactyl Peoples


It is with great sadness that we at Pasadena Adjacent must bid a farewell adieu to our beloved Peoples Trash Tuesday #40. The resident joke we came to admire . Born downwind from us, Peoples started visiting as a teenager. Part of a family that likes kittens, but doesn’t care for cats. I tried to ignore him. I tried to pawn him off on you, my gentle readers – but alas, no takers. The boy took quick notice of our weaknesses; open windows and an ever present bowl of Tovah’s dry cat food. He stuck around. One day, unexpectedly, Mr V’s black and white LA River cat Eleanor succumbed to heart failure. The next day I found Peoples sitting on her grave. He became Tovah’s paramour and Mr V’s new buddy. We didn’t know he was FIV positive; kitty AIDES  – for which there is no reliable vaccine. Looking back, I believe he was born with FIV. Some cats live long lives with the condition; Peoples was not one of them. Certain opportunistic diseases take advantage of such cats. Peoples had suffered through them, to a lesser degree, throughout his six years of life. Yearly skin conditions we thought were flea related (kitty herpes) bad toilet habits (failing kidneys). Semi feral, he was the one cat we harbored who actually knew how to kill – but that came with an FIV related price too. Poor gums. He broke his apposing incisors to a few lost fights ($350.00 for removal). Our boy was left as a polydactyl snaggle puss. A cat of myriad layers and talents, he became a star of many a Pasadena Adjacent “Wee Video Production”

We took Peoples into our ghetto vet two weeks ago for his skin condition and shot of cortisone cure. We were late. I mentioned Peoples advancing thirst – this concerned the vet so they took him in for overnight testing. Peoples blood work was all around bad, except for a strong heartbeat. Still not understanding the differences between FIV -FeLV and FIP, we did an internet search and panicked. What about Twyla? Fortunately she was neg on all counts. People’s seemed to be rallying, I even caught him trying to fuck Twyla. She loved the attention which, until recently, he was less then generous with. Then Peoples caught a cold that turned into a serious upper respiratory problem. Antibiotics couldn’t kick it – so we made the call. Then Twyla started coming down with the same infection – she is now on the mend. But it’s been stressful – this winter of our discontent.

Mr V named Peoples. Peoples who need “peoples” and we were them. It’s hard to believe that a few short weeks ago, Mr V had decided to put Peoples on a weight loss program. Nightly, the two boys headed out the door, walking up down and around a three block radius. It was one of Peoples charms – street smarts. He didn’t walk at heel. He ran ahead, under cars, crossing streets to avoid front yard dogs; of whom he seemed to know the exact locations of. Peoples lived for these jaunts. I regret that I didn’t film one of them but have the above as a reference. I expected to – saw it as a future post. But it was not to be.