Trash Tuesday #97: Where getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent

TT_97 pull stamp interior

Some (more) unfortunate news has come Mr V’s way. The landlord has informed him he has to move out of the closet studio he’s been renting. Think of it as renting a closet, but having free access to the empty mansion. Someone wants the mansion; all of it. For those who have visited, this makes perfect sense. All is not lost though.  He still has hold of his remaining windowless dungeon studio, access to the roof, basement storage and bottom area of the editor’s hillside (see previous post).

Many Trash Tuesdays have been the result of studio downsizing. Now we find ourselves in the same position. This streamline Art Deco “Mans” closet with bakelite pull, is facing it’s third turnover. Mr M, a studio neighbor, rented a section of his warehouse allotment to a fellow artist who ultimately left this oak beauty behind. Mr M could find no use for it – Mr V needed a place to store the faux leather tiles for the Lake LA project (see where this is going?) so Mr M generously handed it over to Mr V. Now the project is completed and Mr V finds himself unsure of what to do with this “poor man’s butler.” Seeing that it requires very little restoration, the editor thinks he should sell it. And if you know the editor and are interested, she thinks she could get it for you at a “very reasonable” bordering on “cheap” price.

It has a drawer just for Handkerchiefs AND a shelf for Hats.