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His wife dropped off six cats to a cat motel and never returned. She was an artist. This is one of her paintings John Sohus was in the class ahead of the editor. Remembered as one of the many anonymous; short, chubby and quiet

The following italicized exchange was the only sizable (and sympathetic) account of the Sohus’ lives that I could find on-line. (THE OnLY) and sadly, it’s located in the comment section of a conspiracy post. 

The Editor

“This is the story as best as I can figure it: Linda murdered her husband and skipped town. There is some chance, I suppose, that both Linda and her husband were murdered with Linda’s body being, as yet, undiscovered. The postcards from France, however, seem to rule that out, if Linda wrote them.”

SORRY, I DON’T AGREE. Linda was my best friend since we were about 12, thru junior high and high school. We did the model horse thing all thru the 1970s and into early 80s. As we group up we abandoned that hobby mostly, but we always hung out when we could (I lived in OC by 1980 and she remained in LA/the valley area). She was briefly engaged to a guy named Will in late 1982, but he left her just before Christmas, and John was a friend she knew thru that jerk. But John was nice; he was attentive, affectionate, and helped her thru a rough time. Then they slowly became a couple, and by mid July 83 were living together at the house in San Marino. Not cuz they liked it but becuz they were both poor and it was a roof & a room. Linda was struggling to be the artist and John was her faithful servant, trying to make it in computer wizardry. They married in my home on Halloween nite 1983.

Life was actually looking up in early 85; she had her art showing and sold a couple of pieces in January, and they were looking forward to moving on and out of that house (Ruth was a drunk & a recluse and just sad to see; I met her 4th of July 83 when I visited for a BBQ). John was the dutiful son and took care of his mom but both he and Linda wanted OUT eventually.

So when Linda called to tell me she had to run to New York to help John get his job “with the government,” my only concern was them both getting back so the 3 of us could head to Phoenix for a SciFi Con that would be there (this was to be my first ever Con; I had never gotten into Science Fantasy like Linda did, but it sure looked like it was a blast). She assured me they would be back in time to go (it was to be in April, I believe our conversation was Feb/March), but when time came to make my arrangements to go, they were missing. I called Ruth and found out they had headed to France (??) and weren’t coming back soon. I thought it was just another of Linda’s amazing journeys but I was pissed we weren’t going to be going to the Con.

I lived my life and a couple of months later I got a postcard from Paris saying they had missed NY but that could be lived with. And then nothing every again until the bones in 1994. I had always thought there was something wrong with this whole thing, especially when she left her 6 cats in a cat hotel and never came back…those were her children and she would NEVER have left them. So I started trying to investigate, but becuz I was not a relative I could not legally claim her or John missing. Eventually her sister did so I made sure the San Marino PD kept my info handy.

As the years went by I talked with several detectives, but nothing ever happened, then the 1988 truck thing, then the 1994 bones, followed by my interview for the Unsolved Mysteries. I thought for sure that would uncover something, but nothing ever came of all that till now. I never even knew there was a Chichester until the UM interviewing.

All I want now is to know what happened, and to have a memorial for the two of them once all this is over. They deserved it….they were happy and starting to move up in life and they need a proper send off