That Other Kool Aide

by Pasadena Adjacent

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I think I might be old. Partly why has to do with the company I keep. Plus the companies I’ve left, all of which are no longer in existence; except for Marie Callender’s. Which is now a lobster house. Sentences start with “I remember” quickly followed by “do you remember” then it’s a guessing game for that breakfast joint on Olympic or that China Town bar with the blue drinks. What were they called again? “Tidy Bowl” yeah, thats it. Long gone. Which leads me back to the beginning. Which starts to look towards the end. You see, I’m trying to find a place to die. It’s a hobby. I have the book; now whats it called? The one on how to commit suicide but not in an ugly way – something to do with a Hefty bag – you know, so they don’t have to clean up splatters and yeah it’s not too painful. I hate pain….do you remember? anyhow, it has a white cover. I got it at a used book store. Cheap. which, as you know, is my esthetic. I just don’t remember where I placed it. It’ll come to me.

Which leads me back to the beginning which starts to look like the end;  a place to die. And if google map has anything to say about it, it’s going happen in a double wide or worse. An example of worse…


This is what was once a Jackrabbit Homestead. I’ve been assured by desert dweller Chef King Walter that it’s far away from the madding crowd *translation; hipsters of Wonder Valley. A selling point, yet a hard sell if your thinking of an investment property. I won’t tell you where – don’t want anyone snapping up this cozy 400 sq ft dwelling on concrete pad with an outdoor fire ring and lack of committed description “5 to 10 acres.” But the view – Location location location!!!

Next post – the “double wide” suicide