Trash Tuesday #101: Where keeping it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Now that I’m getting old, I find myself convinced that I haven’t turned off the toaster oven ‘after’ I’ve left the house. Most the time, this startling realization happens as I’m about to jump on the the San Rafael onramp. But sometimes I get lucky – and only get a few blocks from the house before the aforementioned concern drops into my head. And sometimes I get REAL lucky as I make that illegal u-turn at a four way stop – beating both the metal haulers AND the Prius clad hipster couple dutifully waiting their turn.  Those rookies, with eyes on the Trash Tuesday prize, are not quick, desperate, or cheap enough. I leave them in the dust. The terrain of the curb belongs to me.

Trash Tuesday #101 was the possession of a fashion forward Garvanza homeowner. Last on a block of “Storybook” bungalows. A style made popular in the 20’s. (don’t ya just love their fence?) The Calla Lily chandelier looks to be vintage shabby chic. I’ve removed the wiring and faux candles. Plans are to replace them with solar lights I picked up for a buck apiece (on sale at Target).  Krylon at the ready, I’ll be switching out the pink for orange and placing the fixture in the Twyla Towers.

Twyla will be sending out invites for cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres when construction is completed