It Never Rains in Mondo Hollywood

by Pasadena Adjacent

6334431123_a2024c1e67_oPhoto©Victor Henderson

Yes, it’s lengthy, coming in at two hours one minute and thirty four seconds – but it is one of the truly odd, completely mesmerizing films about 1960’s Los Angeles.

A film adaption of Joan Didion’s ‘White Album.” Take note of the hazy smog drenched skies, the lack of traffic, and the self indulgence – is it any wonder this period would be followed by the nihilism of punk? The back and forth editing between celebrity and dreamer – this bitch is a time capsule like no other.

Oh and the characters, Brittania Rule the Waves! A Guggenheim descendent in French Maid’s apparel.  An heir to the S&H Green Stamps dynasty who lives in a garage, yet looks to have once owned a Malibu Mountain. George Hamilton’s socialite mother doing the twist. The nudity of a child actress you’ve seen a billion times before, but can’t name. Childhood actor and Manson Killer Bobby Beausoleil (btw: you can be his friend on Face Book) and one of the Manson killed; Jay Sebring, hairdresser to the stars and all around cute guy. The only thing missing is Father Yod, but maybe he came later on or I missed it.

Franks Zappa does make an appearance – towards the end. Thats an early still of his wife Gail. The one above, behind the arrow, that I’m BEGGING you to press.