100 Very Cute Mules

by Pasadena Adjacent


A woman by the name of Lauren Bon, grandaughter to the philanthropic Annenbergs, took an industrial plot of land in downtown Los Angeles and planted corn. She has ‘ideas’ and the money to back them. One of those ideas is at play right now. A stolen river and a 100 mules following it’s path. The big garden hose, constructed a 100 years earlier, left a lakebed dry. What was once Owens Lake, has been transformed into a howling wasteland of toxic dust. Part of that toxisity is silver nitrate. And abandoned mining operations. Which leads us to plastics and a Dr. Selwyn McCabe….


He bought one of those abandoned mining operations back in the 60’s (Pittsburg Plate Glass Factory) and turned it into a studio for the creation of spare parts. I’m holding a human heart. That’s Dr McCabe with lots of parts. Lauren Bon’s Metabolic Studios took over McCabes abandoned operation. She plans to make a slurry out of the toxic silver nitrate culled from the surrounding riverbed. Coat a substrate and make film paper from it. Photos of the land from the land. 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the video you’ll see a cargo container transformed into a giant pin hole camera (look for the holes). It’s following the mule train in order to document the event. Expect big pictures. And Dr McCabes abandoned ‘spare parts’ are part of show.

Lauren Bon’s next project is to construct a 70-foot waterwheel at the confluence between the L.A. River and the Arroyo tributary (or is it Chinatown?) in order to “pierce the concrete jacket” of the L.A. River. Stay tuned.


11/10/13 the Mules travel to Brand Library in Glendale, and on the 11th, they will be in a parade down Western Avenue in Glendale beginning at 9am. Later that day, the Mules will arrive at the Equidome at the LA Equestrian Center near Griffith Park.


Dolly the Solar Mule at Hansen Dam 11/09/13


100 mules made their way across the backbone of the Verdugos. Stunning 11/10/13