100 Mules – Los Angeles

by Pasadena Adjacent




Pasadena Adjacent’s Editor is loyal to the 100 mules; loves them, tracks them, stalks them. She even endured an unexpected 45 minute traffic deadlock, when she attempted an alternative route to view the 100 Mule Parade. Seems someone called in a bomb threat to the Los Angeles Zoo. An ode to pervious bombings of the L.A. Aqueduct? Despite the set back, she made her way to the dead end of Western Ave to discover the exact point where the mules would cross the 240 mile finish line. If you didn’t read the previous links in the last post, I highly recommend Dreams, Dust and Birds: The Trashing of Owens Lake by Karen Piper and the blog InyoOwnWay by Owens Valley resident and desert conservationist Mike.

“This relatively undisturbed desert habitat in our Owens Valley is scheduled to be covered with one million solar panels….In 2004 a proposed conservation easement on LADWP lands in Inyo and Mono counties was opposed by most Owens Valley residents and eventually the LA City Council. Los Angeles repeatedly referred to the land as ‘assets’ and the locals saw a DWP conspiracy in every shadow. If there had been a conservation easement accepted there would be no solar project proposal today. Mary Austin summed it up when she left the valley over 100 years ago, “These people don’t have enough sense to save themselves.”

We have our own fight here for Hahamongna. Tonight will be a meeting on the second floor of the 361 South Raymond Pasadena Animal Shelter at 7:00pm. No hired consultants will be present.

Update: Tim Brick advocates for Hahamongna on 89.3 KPCC

About those 100 mules. This is a direct Sound link to the mule carrying the satellite dish and the lead mule with the bell harness; weird. My understanding is that some of them will be at the Metabolic Studio today at the edge of “This is Not a Cornfield” in downtown Los Angeles.  Marigolds will be involved along with the planting of the cottonwoods ‘as seen’ on the reinterpreted Flag of California.


It’s a thirsty state. Litigation is cheaper than water. Princess Hahamonga explains….