Boxed Turkeys

by Pasadena Adjacent

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This is the artistic winter of our disconnect. Attempting to bury the hex, Pasadena Adjacent is ‘game’ to all incoming adventures. Case in point, I employed a shamanistic technique of the Q’ero to rid Mary of negative energy. She said I did. She reciprocated the gesture – but my negativity came back pretty fast. Which explains getting off on the wrong Metro stop to visit the right museum. Different company – different adventure. Last stop –  “The Box”

Wolf Vostell’s Endrogen Depression/Back in LA
November 24 – December 22 2013

Endrogen Depression 1975, was originally begun at the Hannover Art Museum in Germany. It would make it’s way to LAICA in 1980 and 2013 ‘back in the Box.’  A member of Fluxus, Vostell was the first artist credited with integrating a television set into a work of art (not Nam June Paik). Switching out dogs (pre 1980) with Turkeys, I’d argue he was also the first to connect art with TV dinners.

About those turkeys; the show started a week late. Probably because acquiring live animals over dead animals is a lot harder then you think. These turkeys are 19th century heritage birds called Royal Palms. Not a meat bird, the Royal Palm was bred for ornamental characteristics. The kind Martha favors. The toms are usually less aggressive than other male turkeys – but not that day. The gobbler with the spread feathers never let his guard down. When he wasn’t chasing me, he was showing me his ass.

Junkyard Turkey.

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