Space is the Place

by Pasadena Adjacent


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Joni Mitchel is trying to get back to the garden while Satoshi Nakamoto is hiding out in Temple City. Meanwhile Sandra Bullock, wrapped in some ham fisted symbolism, was attempting to reenter the garden (without going up in smoke). Via the miracle of Isotope teletransportation, Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Solar Flare Arkestra are already there. He’s set up a colony for black people on a planet called “All Their Own.” Whitey will not be part of the revolution. This makes the editor (a shaman in training) sad; a soul sister Left Behind.’

A Joyful Noise – gleaned from the selected Teachings of Sun Ra

In the space age, black magic, soul power, astro black and cosmo dark; a voice from another dimension will speak to earth — you might as well practice and be prepared for it. When the world was in darkness and darkness was ignorant, along came Rah the living myth. Some call me Mr Ree, you can call me ‘mystery.’ Calling planet earth, I am a different order of being. I revel in a different kind of horizon. Another kind of sunrise. Another kind of sunset. Altered destination; time has officially ended, transport liquidation has begun.

They say that history repeats itself, but you’ve only heard his-story. You haven’t heard my story. My story is endless; it never repeats itself. Adrift in a cloud of shimmering polyester. The stones speak through vibrations of beauty. NASA has promised to “put a coon on the moon by June.” You can’t have a white house without a black house. This is something the people of the earth don’t understand. Those of the reality have lost their way, now they must listen to what myth has to say. *If art equals money, and you are not wealthy, then art is not for you. These gods dwell in mythocracy opposed to your theocracy, democracy; your monarchracy. These gods can even offer you mortality. We hold this myth to be potential, they hold their truths to be self evident. Monk and Mingus, new frontiers, you are on space ship earth – destination unknown. We have bypassed the space age – but the space age can be a bridge to the omnivores age.

A catalyst makes change but remains the same. Trying to make waves. I am like the birds, they sing. A joyful noise. Plan-o-sonic isotope teleportation

And the Academy Award goes to……..

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