The Chauffeur Speaks

by Pasadena Adjacent


The Editor is amused and honored to be included in the “wedge of friends.” Enjoy the antics of multifaceted GZOXO whose left his bus in a box desert abode for a chauffeur gig out of Korea Town.

Hey now.

If you’re not in my “art” wedge of friends, you can safely skip this update and move right along to that adorable cat video.

I picked up the art dealer Mary Boone tonight. She was wonderful, and has asked me to drive her the next few days while she’s in town conducting mostly studio visits with her young curator.

When I received my trip ticket for her, I thought I recognized her name, but couldn’t figure out why. Then just seconds later I’m like: WHOA, and I totally knew who she was.

I drive famous people all the time, and most of them don’t interest me; but Mary Boone? Holy smokes. I give her most of the credit for allowing Julian Schnabel to come out of the closet and realize he’s a WAYYYYYY better visual artist when using film and sound then when he uses only paint and ceramics.

So I made this “sign” for her when we met in baggage claim. I went to Target, bought a cheap dinner plate, broke it in the parking lot, then Sharpied her name with a Basquiat crown.

She absolutely loved it, and asked if she could have it.

I am now part of her collection.


Looking forward to the next few days with Mary.


Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 6.49.28 AM