In Search of Inspiration

by Pasadena Adjacent

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As deadline approaches, the need for inspiration increases. S.O.S. emergency day trip – an attempt to force some arty brain floaters into a concept. Idea fragments that refuse to take shape. Curses. Painful. Predictable.

Killing an hour while the ink cartridges were refilled at Costco, we took Huntington Drive eventually arriving at Mariachi Plaza (one of the great drives). Boyle and First. My favorite market with the 50 cent loaves of bread – gone. Noticed the street traffic reflected the areas hipster adjacent “Arts District.” Yes Virginia, after multiple attempts, they finally managed to gentrify east downtown.

According to Curbed L.A. a condo/studio is up for sale at 599 k. You could have bought the building for that back in one of those intermittent recessions. Noticed that La Serenata de Garibaldi, (a hole in the wall that former friend Virginia Hoge introduced to Jonathan Gold) seems to have expanded after taking over the launder mat next door. The kitchy gold paint job and decorative metal work is attention grabbing. Everything is considering the ton of street art the area now attracts.

A descent through Alejandro De La Loza’s Mariachi station to First and Soto to catch the bird’s nest. The egg’s fluctuations are timed to the artist’ heartbeat. More information to be found here