Backyard – Our Self Imposed Box

by Pasadena Adjacent

IMG_2671smenlarge just because

Recap – Those hideous neighbors north of us (behind the wall) lost their home to foreclosure. A flipper bought it. 3 months of construction followed. The ‘editor’ and company took advantage of that neighbor free period to build our trendy redwood slat fence in anticipation of future fuck offs. It’s the fence behind the cinderblock wall – that wall was also rebuilt after the previous unreinforced cinder block wall fell on the ‘editor.’  The new owner purchased the property as an investment and rented it to an older lesbian couple with a cat. Quiet and considerate – loved them. Right before PA and company left on vacation, we discovered that the ‘good’ neighbors were moving and that the home had already been rented out. This time to a young lesbian couple. A couple that came with two Doberman Pincers. To complicate matters, the home north of them is occupied by an aggressive German Shepherd. Kept in the front yard behind a low wall, he barked constantly which resulted in people crossing the street to avoid him.

Update*  The new neighbors have since added another dog (Weimaraner) and a mother (human). They do not keep the dogs locked up as they promised the landlord (duh) BUT they have it so the dogs are kept in the back yard. And they’re friendly with a minimal amount of barking. The German Shepherd was outfitted with an electric shock collar. And he finally got large enough to jump over the wall (we warned them). Which he started to do regularly. The owners now keep him in the backyard with a fence line shared with the other three dogs. He can’t bark, so the others don’t either. They’re all a happy family because, as I’ve often been told, dogs are pack animals.

You remember the young architect living directly south of us? The anal one whose been hammering away at his house since he purchased it ten years ago? We’ve now gone forward and built another trendy redwood slat fence on that side.


What we can no longer see no longer pisses us off.

Alls swell that ends well…..for now.