Trash Tuesday #104: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Aesthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


Perhaps this isn’t the most exciting Trash Tuesday offering but it’s one of it’s more useful finds. And this time the givers of waste are no other then nature nymph Bellis and poet Mary.

A few years back Bellis left me her calling card; free stuff! Her gardner had chopped up some timber bamboo and had laid it beside the curb. I kept some sticks around for a few years until I could use them. In this case it was the acquisition of two grape vines; Concord and Red Flame. And the need for a grape trellis to stake them.

Mary’s big give away was a substantial amount of rolled wire (for which I’ve used every bit). I cleaned the bamboo up with soap and water then varnished it. Clearly some funky construction on my part, but I’m all right with that – it works well with the miscommunication that took place during the building of the cinder block wall – yes, one side is red and one side is gray. Mr V was here and I was in New Mexico and both of us without the technology to connect. I kind of like that too.

At a future date I plan to run a line of bobcat heads across the top two rows of bricks. The bobcats have been a two birds with one stone activity. They’re a way of testing glazes and different clays. My latest is caste from a meaty red clay that I plan on doing a salt bath with. It doesn’t take much to excite me.


*take note of the wire atop the bamboo trellis (Mary) and in the lower left is the Red Flame grape vine.