500 Empty Bowls

by Pasadena Adjacent

bowl_1 bowl_2 bowl_03 bowl_04

500 bowls created by me and my fellows at the ceramics lab in Monrovia. Those three are mine – sort of. I call the first two Bumpy Bowls. I’m all about making forms through hand building; using coiled clay, molds and plaster slumps. Not much for the potters wheel. To many bad High School flashbacks. Hours spent making lopsided ashtrays while stoned. But that last one was off the wheel by someone who took to the experience. It had a 2013 mark on it. Just sitting around taking up space. Decided to apply the same policy to it as I do at home – if something sticks around for six months, it’s mine. And now, in all it’s purplish glory (that’s my contribution) it can be yours.

Part of a charity event for local food banks in the San Gabriel Valley. They’re for sale this Saturday between 4-7 PM at 10 bucks a bowl. Presents? dog bowls? Christmas is only six months away. Get there early because some are really beautiful and well worth the ten bucks. And you get to put ice cream in them. That’s part of the deal too – and sprinkles.