Trash Tuesday #104: Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


My ardor for curb side treasures has decreased somewhat. Either that, or my aesthetic level has risen. I’ve noticed that Ikea book shelves have replaced couches; and most stuff doesn’t make my discerning cut. But (thinking out loud) you could take those Ikea book shelves, pull out the center slats, and you’d have a nifty backyard planter….. Better yet, collect them. Painted and artistically arranged, you could end up with an edible arboreal Russian Deconstructionist piece of ‘earth art.’

So now my eye tends to keep it local; as in my neighbor’s cast offs. I had the leisure of passing on that church pew a few weeks back. You can take your time in deciding to keep or pass. That is if objects of interest are made of wood. Not so with objects made of metal. You have to drop everything your doing and act fast. Those local scrap collectors don’t fuck around. So drop I did, and grabbed this vintage GE fan. It’s a little loud, has only one speed, but I love the industrial green patina. And with it’s height, it will be very useful at pushing heat away from collecting under my patio roof – when I start using my kiln. I also scored a broom and a Swifter. That led to a fun filled weekend polishing my hardwood floors. Don’t we have fun.