Everything’s Coming Up Roses

by Pasadena Adjacent

IMG_3421_sm IMG_toms_sm IMG_Twyla_sm

Since you didn’t ask, and I’ve been rather silent about broadcasting my life via Face Book (though I’m not unwilling to say weird crap on my twitter account; after all, you can never have enough real-estate agents following you) I thought I might keep you up to date here.

Mr V’s 1989 Buick Century reached over 250,000 miles. It also reached a cross roads. Option A – put in a new transmission. Or option B – if you can get the car to drive into the scrap metal yard without a tow – get a check for 1500 dollars.  Mr V chose option B.

Mr V needs a car. Option C? finish the image revisions at the station and get our first check. This required passing a safety test in order to earn our Metro Jackets and clip on identity badges. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean we can use them to ride the trains. Something I was hoping for since Mr V no longer has a car.

Those 24 Tomato plants? Tomatoes are coming out our ears. Last night Mr V made spaghetti sauce. It was unexpectedly delicious. My specialty is tomato salad. Tomatoes, oil and balsamic vinegar,  feta, onions and purple basil; bliss.

Remember spinning kitty? She’s been cooked and now hangs out with Twyla. Two more await the kiln gods. Mary thinks I’ve had a breakthrough now that I’ve gone all three dimensional. I just tell people I’m making a litter of kittens. Once I master that task, I may make them a mother.

Lynne Chang gave me a fake tattoo of a lizard. It’s on my forearm. Strangers like it.