Introducing Guest Author Pam Lansden & Her Cat

by Pasadena Adjacent

Dear Abby’s death reminded me of the day I spent with her sister, Ann Landers. She let me read her mail and answer a few letters just for practice. I was writing a column at the time called “String of Perils.” BTW I like Ms. Landers hairdo much better than mine. 

394914_4831998649580_183644369_n-1Pam Lansden and Ann Landers

Pasadena Adjacent is honored to have long time friend, former ‘People’ journalist and real estate agent extrodinaire, Pam Lansden as her special guest.

Besides Pam generously promoting ‘Pasadena Adjacent’ as “the best blog you’ve never heard of” (the kind of flattery which leads to me rolling over and allowing you to scratch my belly and steal me blind) she’s mastered the art of pulling pitch perfect quotes off the top of her head to fit any conversational occasion. This talent charms me to bits and has me feeling grey in comparison. She’s just brilliant that way and probably why she’s so good at what she does – plus she has an eye for objects . When she first walked into my home, she immediately pointed to a peti-point pillow my grandmother had made me – said if I died before she did, it should go to her. Since I plan to see a lawyer soon, I will make a note of it. If your friends with her, she’s probably done the same thing to you. If not, you might consider hiring her to assist you on your next visit to a flea market. Plus she was photographed with her arm around my hero Tennessee Williams. Plus she once owned Elizabeth Taylor’s childhood term paper – if I recall, she made a boat load of money off of it.

Although I don’t think of Pam as being a cat lover first and foremost, I do think we can all agree – with the web as our witness, no one makes a better straight man then a cat. And Pam has a good eye for a good story; so without further adieu may I present……

“A Tale About The Cat Who Lived in a Hole in the Wall of SOTHEBY’S Pasadena Parking Lot” by Pam Lansden

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