Part 3: Lucky Me!

by Pasadena Adjacent


Meet J. Wallace “Wally” Lansden. Wally had become wildly popular with the agents. Sotheby’s, as you can imagine, is a busy place with busy realtors coming and going. But everyone had time to say hello to Wally. He was the great unifier, the greeter, the most popular boy on the block. When his main squeeze, Lynne Jennings, drove in every morning, he would become quite vocal if she didn’t serve his breakfast on time. I never did as much for Wally as Lynne and many of the other agents. I became his drug dealer of sorts, bringing him that irresistible cat treat Pounce. I’d rattle the jar and Wally would come running. The time came when we all started talking about what to do with the cat. Wally couldn’t live in the wall forever. He developed a limp. We were afraid he would be run over. He needed to be neutered (our opinion, not Wally’s) I said I would take him if one of the other agents would be back up. I needed backup in case my spoiled male cat Charlie and my sweet large dog Bailey revolted. One of the agents volunteered to be back up. Lynne, the patron saint of all cats, said she would pick up the considerable tab to have the tabby fluffed and folded, AKA neutered. Now the only thing to do was to capture the cat.

TOMORROW’S EPISODE: The Capture and a Trip to the Vet AKA as The Worst Day of Wally’s Life by Pam Lansden

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