Part 5: Will Wally pass his physical? Will he notice anything missing?

by Pasadena Adjacent


Will Charlie, the Most Self-Centered Spoiled Cat in the World, Ever Learn to Love a Waif Like Wally? We last left Wally at the vet’s where he was neutered and checked out. His benefactress, Lynne Jennings, handed the vet a list of concerns. The list was so detailed and complete I’m sure no POTUS has ever received a more thorough exam. Wally did have an old injury – a broken hind leg that had healed on its own. The vet said he was 11 months old. The next day he was delivered to my home and named J. Wallace “Wally” Lansden. The “J”. is for Jennings, his aforementioned fairy godmother, “Wallace” is his Christian name – not sure if there’s a saint named Wallace, if not there will be, and “Wally” because he came from a hole in the Wall. Wally went from this hole to my home office where he has been hiding under a daybed ever since he arrived. Charlie has been acting like a psychopath, throwing himself at the French doors and growling viciously.

(TOMORROW: A Tale of Two Kitties*) by Pam Lansden *Thanks to Julie Esposito for that title

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