Trash Tuesday #106 Where Getting it Cheap is Part of the Esthetic

by Pasadena Adjacent


The other day I chanced upon a Face Book conversation authored by a likable woman with similar interests. Someone I’d met through the blogging community. Seems she had found herself in the immediate position of having to unload a portion of her worldly ‘clutter.’ Through the miracle we call social media, she announced her plans to host a modern day potlatch. Saturday from 3-5 at her ‘soon to be on the market’ Alta-rancho. All part of her speedy exit plan.

Darn I thought, I like her. Then I read what was on the menu and knew I’d miss her less and appreciate her more if I could get my hands on that pottery wheel she just listed. I put in a private message pronto and she wrote me back pronto. Nixed the ‘dibs’ idea and delivered a ‘first come first serve’ proposition. Well, no, that doesn’t work for me. When it comes to my man or my art I’ve been known to throw down the gauntlet. So I kept counter offering with deal sweeteners. I offered her money. No. I promised her a Trash Tuesday post (and who doesn’t want to be the subject of a Trash Tuesday post?). She started to weaken; either that or she had grown fearful of me. She did mention it would be put on the curb if I was a no show. But with the current popularity that ceramics is enjoying, I knew that wheel was never going to get to the curb. And I’d been looking for one.

With truck, labor force and Advil, I showed up an hour early.

Introducing the mighty Shimpo RK-2 Potters Wheel. She’s got a 60Hz wheel head, 0-240 RPMs, Phase 1 115 Volt, 4.0 Amps and  200 watts. We called the manufacturer. She’s about 45 years old and looking pretty sharp. Ms W threw in a stool, some unfinished pots, watercolors, a couple of buckets of slip and a half a bag of Black Mountain.

No excuses. I’m going to learn to throw.