Year of the Depends Adult Undergarment #3

by Pasadena Adjacent


With teardowns, spec McMansions and towering housing complexes sweeping through our shared urbanity, these kind of views are now in short supply. Big lawns and mountain vistas just begging for a wee watercolorist such as myself to do them justice. But what Barbara Saw is a street full of Halloween decor perfect for a holiday plein air painting. So yeah, I’m game – and over my head. I was still going at it after everyone else had left.

So the juries out on 1715: watercolor #3 in 33 years. It got away from me – just a little bit. To begin, I wish I’d have left the house lite and brite. And the slope of the lawn – should have taken the time to really think that out. Of course the lawn is the first thing I did, so it sort of set the stage. But I’m moving forward too; the Mount Wilson Towers, the leaning street palms, and the curb appeal. Don’t forget the curb appeal. Nice curb.

During our morning session, the fellow across the street kept finding reasons to be in his front yard. I figured he wanted to check out what we were doing. But unfortunately for him he waited till everyone was gone, except for me.  His mistake – Barbara whipped out a last minute masterpiece. He finally sauntered over to grab a peek. Looking around, he asked “what house has the red door?” me – “nobody, I made it up.” Now this is the point where we hope he’ll stroke my ego. Like “beautiful!! your a genius” but no. Instead, after an akward silence, he started telling me about his brilliant artist friend from Slowdrip Texas. Oh Yeah, never good when that happens.